Our Story

the Art of Concreting

From the Palace of Versailles to your doctor's office, landscaping is an important part of an establishment's visual impression. We believe it ought to be beautiful, thoughtful, and well done. 

In combination with Texture Coat Concrete Resurfacing or an exposed Aggregate Finish the results are visually stunning

our Story

Our Mission

Grafton Concrete's Owner and founder Craig Bemrose, has over 20 years experience Concreting throughout the Clarence Valley.


After many years of perfecting all types of concrete finishes, he opened Grafton Landscape and Concrete Supplies, On the South Side. At 1-9 Mackay Street, South Grafton and so was born, Grafton Concreting and Bobcat Service. Landscape and Concrete Supplies.                                         GRAFTON CONCRETE

Is your home at one with nature? LET US help.

If you want a quote from a landscape architect, contact us.